What is the BIG Announcement? 

We are trying something NEW and exciting for the Summer months and we know you all will LOVE it.

How often are you open? House Market will only be open twice a month this Summer for our Sales Events and we will be offering deep discounts off our retail prices.

How good is the SALE and why should I plan on attending it? 

You don’t want to miss this!  Take home everything you purchase that day or we offer local delivery for a fee.

What should I bring? Bring measurements and pictures of your space. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not offer refunds.

You will only have 2-days to shop this month to get the best deals in town! That’s it!

You will need to know your measurements for walls for artwork and any spaces that you may want to fill with our furniture or lamps. 

Where are you located? 

4371 Bluffton Parkway Suite 103

Bluffton, SC 29910


Delivery Service: We do offer local delivery for a fee.

Can you ship items I pickup on the Sale Day? 

No. We currently do not offer shipping items from the sale day.

Why are you only open twice a month for May, June & July months? 

We are trying something new around here and we need time to prepare for each sales event. 

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Make Plans: 

Make sure you make plans to join us for this exciting SALES Event like no other around town! 

What is your Move-it-Monday Sale?

Our Move-it-Monday Sale will be held right after our Super Saturday Sale. Our Move-it-Monday Sale will be open to the public to MOVE-OUT any remaining products and furniture that didn’t sell on the Super Saturday Sale.

Who should come on the Move-it Monday Sale? Anyone who would like to shop in smaller crowds and need more one-on-one attention with purchases. 

What is House Market?  Our shop is stocked full of in-stock & ready for delivery dining tables, sideboards, lamps, designer swivel chairs, accent chairs, tables, media consoles, cabinets & more! We also have a huge assortment of premium florals, pottery, pillows, art, mirrors, rugs, home decor, lighting, candles, entertaining essentials, soaps, lotions, perfume, jewelry and unique gifts too.

Do you offer gift wrapping on Super Saturday Sale Day Events? No - not on Saturday; However, we will offer gift wrapping on the following Monday for our Move-It-Monday Sales Event.

What if I need a gift or would like to purchase something outside of the twice a month sales event? You can always shop on

Are you open during the week? 

  • We are no longer open during the week during the months of May, June and July. 
  • We will only be open 2-days a month. Dates to be determined.
  • We are open on 1 Sale Saturday and the following Monday each month. 
  • Super Sale Saturday: 9 am - 4 pm
  • Monday: 10 am - 3 pm

Can I buy your bookshelves? All bookshelves will need to be ordered. We do not sell them off the floor.

What about furniture that I’ve seen on your website or in social media and it’s not in your shop currently?

We can order your furniture that may not be in the shop, but we do not give sale prices on orders at this time.

Do you offer exchanges, refunds or any type of returns. 


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